Meet Printed Hues

Art for the Coastal Lover

We create coastal-inspired art and products to share our love of the ocean. With a piece of Printed Hues, you'll transport back to your favorite coastline; perhaps treasuring a piece I've created as you’ve once treasured gifts collected from the sea.

Meet the Founder


After a career in graphic design, much of what I do today is rooted in and well served by my design background. After years creating behind a computer screen, I longed for a more tactile art form as a way to rest and recharge my digital creativity. I picked up my children’s Crayola watercolor paint and began to play alongside them. I’d never touched watercolor paint before. I painted with no pressure, no assignment, just the joyful freedom of creating. It was in these carefree moments that I fell in love with watercolor.

I began to play and explore, painting things around me that fascinated me, like the inside of an oyster shell. Then I began to paint the things that I wished existed, like a prettier version of nautical navigation charts. After posting a few of these online and seeing the response, I knew where Printed Hues was headed next. I left behind much of the digitally-based graphic design world, picked up my paintbrushes and haven’t looked back since.

Our Values

Customer Care

As a small business, each order is special to us, and we love to get to know our clients. Whether your order is fulfilled in our studio or by one of our trusted partners, know that it was handled with care.

Made in the USA

We strive to source our materials, prints and products in the United States as much as possible. Additionally, most of our production partners are small businesses, too!

High-Quality Printing

Print quality is a top priority for us. We print on 100% cotton, acid-free paper with archival inks for long-lasting prints. We test our printed products extensively for quality and longevity as well.

Meet Nicole

Nicole has an extensive background in marine biology and veterinary technology. Her passions for both the ocean and coastal art brought her to Printed Hues after years of working in aquariums and managing a sea turtle rehabilitation hospital. Nicole lives in Wilmington, North Carolina with her husband, daughter and fluffy dog, Snow. 

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