Where It All Began

Years ago, burnt out designing on the computer, I picked up my kids’ watercolor paints and started to doodle. The brush in my hand, the lack of a plan, simply letting the paint flow across the page… creating became enjoyable again. This sparked a desire to spend a little time creating each day, just because.

I began a 100 day project, setting out to paint a little each day for the first 100 days of the year. I didn’t make it very far, maybe three weeks or so, but I did paint my first oyster and fall in love with watercolor. So I still consider it a success.


This painting and the practice of creating completely shifted Printed Hues. Since painting my first oyster, I’ve painted hundreds, maybe even thousands more. In 2019 I took on another 100 day project, painting an oyster a day, and actually finished all 100 days this time. (They’re saved in my instagram highlights if you want to see all 100).

Now I have an entire collection of oyster prints available, plus oyster tea towels and original paintings. Oyster shells still fascinate me, but I paint plenty of other subjects, too.

The Bayboro Oyster in this post is still part of my print collection and the original hangs in my home. I’m not sure I’ll ever sell it - it’s a nice reminder to create.

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