The Dream Team

A little over two years ago, I taught a watercolor workshop at Inlet Blue in Surf City. Like all workshops, it was a fun class, with plenty of laughter and camaraderie. Partway through the class, one participant spoke up and asked if I was hiring. Funny enough, I’d been thinking about how much I needed to hire someone since the beginning of that year. I responded with a light-hearted yes, followed by a half joking question: “is it that clear I need help?” We all had a good laugh about this exchange during the workshop, but then she stayed after and helped me clean up. We chatted further, and met for coffee a few days later. It took no time at all for me to see what an amazing person had serendipitously crossed my path, and I knew right away that this was the hire I needed to make. Nicole joined Printed Hues in April of 2021, and I truly can’t imagine it without her.

Nicole is an absolute gem of a person: caring, genuine, smart, kind, thoughtful, fun… I could gush on and on about her. If you’ve had the pleasure of interacting with her, you know this, too. Nicole manages all of our wholesale accounts and does a huge amount of back end business support, freeing me up to create more.

As a former marine biologist (Nicole will tell you she’s retired from that career), Nicole’s love of the ocean runs deep. Sea turtles are especially near and dear to her heart, as she managed a sea turtle rehabilitation hospital in Florida. She volunteers with the Wrightsville Beach Sea Turtle Project and still teaches continuing education workshops related to sea turtles annually.

Days in the studio with Nicole are filled with laughter and fun. She keeps me on track and organized while continuously pushing Printed Hues further. I’m fairly certain every artist needs a marine biologist in their life… you just can’t have mine. Happy two year work-iversary, Nicole!

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