New Book Release – Saltwater: Coastal Carolina

We are pleased to announce the release of Saltwater: Coastal Carolina - the debut coastal coffee table book by Saltwater Collection. Featuring nearly 200 curated film photographs and hundreds of miles of coastline, this book is a must have for coastal lovers everywhere. Inspiring travel guides, fun facts and our signature Coastal Watercolor Maps are woven throughout the book. Author Faith Teasley shares musings of her childhood summers on the Pamlico Sound, and what has influenced her photography journey.  Saltwater captures magic of North Carolina’s shoreline, from the renowned Outer Banks, tranquil waters off the Crystal Coast, serenity of the Brunswick Islands and sun-drenched surf towns of the Cape Fear.

I am honored to have the coastal watercolor maps featured alongside the beautiful coastal photography of this book.

Saltwater: Coastal Carolina Coffee Table Book, Printed Hues Watercolor Map


Copies of the book can be purchased here, at Saltwater Collection.

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