Oak Island, North Carolina

Oak Island, North Carolina

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Discontinuing this Oak Island map and framing style… there is one framed map left, and it does have a slight flaw. There is a small thin white line toward the bottom of the canvas. It is noticeable up close, but not from afar.

A watercolor painting of Oak Island, North Carolina, reproduced on high quality artist canvas and framed in a casual coastal style.

I referenced nautical charts and maps when creating the original watercolor painting, so while these are certainly not navigable charts, they are fairly accurate. The framing, with its vintage-inspired wooden stretcher bars and antique bronze ring for easy hanging, is a nod to nautical styling. 

• Small map measures 16x26 inches. Framed, it is securely fastened between 1.5 inch wooden stretcher bars with antique bronze hardware for easy hanging. Also sold unframed.

In stock and ready to ship via USPS Priority. Shipping is free. Any wrinkles that appear in the canvas upon arrival will quickly disappear once your map is allowed to unroll and lie or hang flat. 

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