I'm Laura Lobdell, the artist and designer behind Printed Hues. 

I design bright, splashy patterns and illustrations with a coastal vibe for commercial clients like Before + Again Clothing, Fiskars, Robert Kaufman Fabric and Saigon Shores.
In addition to my commercial art, I also create coastal inspired art and home decor. You can find a sample of gilded oyster shell prints and painted coastal art maps in my shop

A little about me... 

I began my career in graphic design, and much of what I do today is rooted in and well served by my extensive design background. On any given day, you may find me sketching out new designs for a licensing collaboration, creating a new painting, designing custom wedding stationery or gathering inspiration by the sea. Much of my art is influenced by my coastal surroundings. I live and work in the Wilmington, North Carolina area with my husband and two creative, ocean loving children.